We have something to celebrate: the first prize winner of the Experimentendak Rotterdam 2023.

The Rotterdam city government is offering a roof for sustainable pioneers to test their ideas. This project, called LIFE@Urban Roofs, aims to encourage investment in new climate-friendly roof technologies. The Experiment Roof in Rotterdam is located on a city building near Kleinpolderplein and covers 500 square meters. For the next five years, new technologies will be tested and watched here.

More than ten innovative experiments on the roof

After two selection rounds in 2021 and 2023, over ten groups have been chosen. They get to try out and test their ideas on the roof. These pioneers stood out with their new concepts and applications for green roofs, biodiversity, and water storage, along with other functions. The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is also running its own experiments on the roof and helps monitor these pilot projects.

Encouragement Awards

The three groups with the most impressive ideas not only get a spot on the roof but also a small encouragement award. These prizes are meant to help make their experiments successful. Encouragement awards were given out in both 2021 and 2023.

The 2023 winners are:

  • Carbon Neutral Initiative for their ‘ERW CO2 Removal’ project, winning €5,000.
  • GreemSum for their ‘Circular Biobased Green Roof’, winning €4,000.
  • Joosten for their ‘Biodiverse Leadax Roof’, winning €3,000.