Climate change is a pressing global issue that demands immediate action. The Carbon Neutral Initiative is driven by a deep appreciation for its beauty and the understanding that it is the only one we have. We recognize that this is the biggest challenge of our generation and that it must be addressed with urgency.

To that end, our vision is to make a meaningful impact in addressing this challenge by sequestering 1 gigaton of carbon dioxide in countries that are most affected by climate change, while they are not responsible for it.

Therefore we have established three pilot locations, two in South America and one in the Netherlands. The goal of these pilot locations is to gather relevant field data, for instance about the weathering rate. By starting small and learning from the data, we can improve our methods and strategies to make the biggest impact possible. We will also make sure to involve the local communities and make sure that they benefit from our projects, so that they can also be part of the solution. TNO, the Dutch National Institute of Applied Sciences, advices us in measuring and monitoring the weatheringprocess.



Our sustainable developement goals