Our green roofs generate carbon credits through CO₂ Removal

We are pleased to announce that our green roofs can now generate SNK certificates, thanks to a new methodology from the National Carbon Market Foundation (Stichting Nationale Koolstofmarkt, SNK). This methodology describes how rocks can effectively capture CO₂ when exposed to air and water.

Benefits of Carbon Green Roofs

After adding CO₂ removal to our green roofs, we offer an additional benefit: tradable carbon credits. And that’s not even mentioning the ‘standard’ benefits of green roofs such as increased biodiversity, water retention, and insulation.

Strict Requirements for Obtaining Carbon Credits

Obtaining carbon credits for our green roofs requires rigorous proof. This includes chemical analyses of the olivine used, independently validated simulations, and extensive measurements of soil and water to demonstrate efficacy. These stringent requirements ensure the integrity of the process and underscore that these credits are not granted lightly.

SNK board member Egbert Liese with CNI’s Robert van der Luijt and Peter-Paul Laarhuis at the carbon green roofs on the Experimental Roof in Rotterdam.