Liam Bullock Joins CNI Team as Head of Science, Bringing Expertise in Geochemistry and Enhanced Weathering

We’re really excited that Liam Bullock is joining our CNI team as our Head of Science! Liam has a strong background in geology, especially in geochemistry, with past experience in volcanology, mineralogy, and resource exploration.

Since 2018, Liam has been involved in #CDR and #enhancedweathering. He has participated in the Greenhouse Gas Removal by Enhanced Weathering (GGREW) project at the Universities of Southampton and Oxford, the South African Tailings for Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (SAT4CCUS) project in collaboration with the University of Pretoria, and he led the EU Marie Curie funded Developing Enhanced Weathering Methods in Mine Tailings for CO2 Sequestration (DETAILS) project.

Liam has published his #CDR findings in Frontiers in Climate, Science of the Total Environment, and the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, and was part of the report Measurements in Geochemical Carbon Dioxide Removal 2023.

Welcome to the team Liam! 🌿