Carbon Groendak now available through our partner NatureGreen

We are excited to announce that our revolutionary CO2-removing green roof, known as the Carbon Groendak, is now available through our exclusive partner, NatureGreen.

The Carbon Groendak stands out from other green roofs with its unique ability to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Utilizing advanced technologies such as Enhanced Weathering, the Carbon Groendak converts CO2 into bicarbonates, making it not just a sustainable choice, but an actively environmentally beneficial one.

Why choose the Carbon Groendak?

  1. Environmental Benefits: Our green roofs help reduce urban heat islands, improve air quality, and permanently removes CO2 out of the atmosphere.
  2. Energy Savings: Thanks to their natural insulating properties, our green roofs help save energy, leading to lower heating and cooling costs for buildings.
  3. Biodiversity: Each Carbon Green Roof contributes to biodiversity in urban areas, provides habitat for various species of flora and fauna, and aids in efficient rainwater management.
  4. Provides water retention: The green roof absorbs and holds rainwater, reducing runoff and managing stormwater effectively.
  5. Roof Longevity: The protective layer of the green roof extends the life of roofing materials by shielding them from the elements.
  6. Aesthetic Enhancement: The Carbon Green Roof not only performs functionally but also beautifies the surrounding environment, adding visual appeal and green space to urban settings.

We invite you to experience the benefits of our Carbon Green Roofs for yourself and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Contact NatureGreen today to see how your home or business can benefit from this innovative CO2 removing green roof technology.