Would you like to remove CO2 from the air yourself?

Getting started

You can do your part combatting climate change by, for example, spreading olivine in your own garden. Nature will do its work and the weathering of olivine starts, removing the CO2. Olivine binds CO2 and one ton of olivine has the potential to bind 1.25 tons of CO2. With a few clicks you can order your olivine and we will deliver the olivine to your home.

8% is a gift!

In the process of mining, milling an transprting of olivine CO2 is released. Obviously, we aim to keep the quantity as low as possible by, for example, obtaining olivine from mines that are close to the Netherlands. The emission of CO2 corresponds to approximately 8% of olivine's weathering capacity. Therefore, Carbon Neutral Initiative adds another 8% on top of your order. As a result when you order 10 kg, you will receive 10,8 kg olivine. Your 10 kg will therefore fully contribute to CO2 removal.


  • The olivina gets delivered at your home.
  • You only need to scatter the olivine in your garden.
  • You receive an additional 8% compensate for the emissions of CO2 from mining of olivine until delivery at your home.
  • The removal of CO2 starts immediately after scattering the olivine.

I don't have a garden, nor do I feel like scattering the olivine.

You might not have a place to scatter the olivine. Just choose for convenience, we can scatter the olivine for you. You could consider purchasing a certificate. We will ensure that the olivine is spread in the right way. As proof of your contribution you will receive a certificate from us.


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