Bigbag split 8-16mm


With the use of Carbon-Neutral-Initiative’s Olivine you contribute to making our planet more CO2 neutral.
We would like to add a little something to that! With each order of Olivine, we’re adding an extra 8% for free.
This way, the carbon emission of shipping the Olivine from the mines all the way to your front door is compensated for.

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Olivine split can be used, among other things, as semi-surfacing in paths and driveways. The larger stones can be used in the garden for decoration in, for example, gabions. Olivine is gray / green, so it has a very neutral color. Decoration and CO2 capture in one product.

Oivine split is available in 2-6mm, 8-10mm and 16/32 mm. You can use split, for example, for terraces as semi-surfacing in walking and cycling paths or driveways. Olivine split has the property that it is hard and therefore extremely suitable for heavy loads.

All our olivine products have the unique property that they bind CO2 and therefore reduce the surplus of greenhouse gases. By using Carbon Neutral Initiative’s Olivine, everyone contributes directly to a better living environment.


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