Compensation of CO2-emissions for enterprises

Would you like to start compensating your CO2 emissions?

As a company, you also want to do your part to combat climate change. Maybe you are even more ambitious and you even want to become carbon neutral. You can try to make all your processes more sustainable, but few can become carbon neutral without CO2 compensation.

Olivine removes CO2

Olivine's natural processes ensures you that CO2 is actually removed. Olivine binds CO2 and one ton of olivine has the potential to bind 1.25 tons of CO2. The olivine only needs to be scattered. The weathering of olivine is a natural process. Every year, nature already ensures 2 billion tons of CO2 binding in this way.

CO2 Removal Monitoring Registration

One of the advantages of olivine is its predictably of reacting with CO2. This enables us to register the amount and the duration of CO2 removal. Naturally, we take into account the CO2 required to extract, transport and grind olivine. The entire process from mining to CO2 removal is registered in our CO2 Removal Monitoring Registration (CRMR). In this way we demonstrate that the CO2 has actually been removed from the air!


  • Reliable natural process to remove CO2 from the air
  • The amount of CO2 to be compensated is easy to determine
  • Security of CO2 removal by registration within the CRMR


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