4 days of collective inspiration and action to double nature

On Wednesday, May 24th, a gathering took place at Deltares in Delft as part of a 4-day summit called The Double Nature Summit. This summit serves as a participatory platform that brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, including regenerative pioneers, investors, scientists, businesses, policymakers, non-governmental organizations, indigenous people, and local communities. The summit’s objective is to double nature by applying regenerative practices to restore carbon dioxide in the land and oceans, drawing inspiration from Paul Hawken’s Drawdown and Regeneration, among other sources. The common goal is to create a regenerative economy driven by entrepreneurial spirit and distributed scaling, enabling us to live in a state of fairly distributed prosperity within the boundaries of our planet. Among the attendees were Peter-Paul Laarhuis and Robert van der Luijt from Carbon Neutral Initiative, as well as Jasper Griffioen from TNO (CNI’s scientific partner).